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Btd6 insta monkey farm

By | 07.10.2020

Insta-Monkeys are free monkeys that are rewarded after finishing some tasks in BTD6such as Daily Challengesearned achievements, daily rewards, or beating Round or every rounds after that RoundRoundetc.

The main way to earn them is through Daily Challenges, earned achievements, Daily Rewards, and passing Roundand passing every rounds after Round in a game. One other way is through Collection Events Easter, Halloween, etc. The other way is to purchase them in the shop, where Insta-Monkey packs can be purchased for real money. When beating Roundor every rounds after that RoundRoundetcthe instamonkey rewarded will guarantee one with either Tier-3 or Tier-4 upgrades.

All upgrades and towers have the same probability of occurring, with one upgrade being any tier from 0 to 4, and another being from 0 to 2.

Monkey Wall Street

Beating Round or every rounds after that will reward a guaranteed Tier-3 or Tier-4 tower of any random type. It is possible to earn any tower with Tier-5, by clocking the fastest timing of completion in a race event. However, players have to beat the intense competition with every other competitor and demonstrate proficiency in completing the race event in a short time. Alternatively, they can also be obtained through Diamond Chests in Collection Eventsor they can be purchased in extremely rare Tier 5 Insta Monkeys Pack sales.

The only way to directly purchase them is through in-app purchases. There are three types of packs of Instamonkeys available, all of which give random types of Instamonkeys:. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Insta-monkey menu Insta-Monkeys are free monkeys that are rewarded after finishing some tasks in BTD6such as Daily Challengesearned achievements, daily rewards, or beating Round or every rounds after that RoundRoundetc.

Contents [ show ]. Insta-monkey popup before starting round Credit to Deley18 for photo. New Instamonkey Collection Menu introduced in Version Tier 5 insta monkey pack and mega monkey compendium pack offers appearing in news panel.

Both packs give tier 5 instamonkeys.This means that it takes Similarly, the most efficient bank in BTD5 was able to pay itself off in 7 rounds the, and all paid themselves off in 7 rounds. However, the most efficient bank with no monkey knowledge in BTD6 is able to pay itself off in 10 rounds the, and upgrades all pay themselves off in 10 rounds. In BTD5, the bananas went straight to the farmer after being deployed by the banana farm.

In BTD6, the bananas touch the ground first before going to the farmer. The farmer does have a monkey knowledge upgrade, though, that makes its range bigger. HERE are the comparison photos. Note: All prices are done on medium difficulty with no monkey knowledge, unless otherwise stated. In BTD6, there are 3 upgrade paths for banana farms. This farm now makes 6 bunches of bananas. The farm is more efficient than the farm, taking The used to be the most efficient banana farm, until it was recently overtaken by the farm.

This farm now makes 8 bunches of bananas. The farm is less efficient than the farm but more efficient than the farm, taking This upgrade effectively increases the banana production by 8, since the farm creates 8 bananas. Hence, the efficiency of this banana farm is much lower than the farm, dropping to The farm pays itself off in The one in BTD6 is about half as efficient. We have Banana!

Since bananas are usually picked up the moment they are dropped, this is pretty much a useless upgrade. This upgrade affects the other paths. This drastically improves the efficiency of the farms, notably the farm takes The farm is pretty much the same, and it hurts the efficiency of thetheand the farms. Banks in general are more efficient than the 1st path and the 3rd path, however, they require you to wait until the bank is full to get the most efficiency out of the bank. The bank is the most efficient bank of all.

You can withdraw at any time, but it is recommended to wait to hit or almost hit the limit to be the most efficient. The and banks take 10 rounds rounded up to pay themselves off, while the takes 11 rounds to pay itself off, with no monkey knowledge. Upon clicking the loan ability, a red counter will appear next to your money counter.

Basically, the game will take away half of the money you earned starting the instant you click the loan ability. You need two xx banks to take out more than one loan at a time.The Banana Farm is a money-generating tower, and is the only tower non-agent that has nothing to do with actually popping Bloons. This tower made its debut in BTD4.

The tower generates income every round, the amount depending on what upgrades you have purchased. It even gives money during Apopalypse Mode. It is generally a good idea to buy these early in the game, as you will get a bigger payoff, but don't get carried away as without strong enough defense you may lose. The Banana Farm is bigger than other towers, even in its first form. There is a hut on the left side of the tower, and the hut is big as a regular tower. There is a field to the right of the hut, colored brown.

Then there is a banana tree, right in the middle of the field. It is the largest unupgraded tower in the game. Due to the greater returns provided by the higher upgrades, it is wise to upgrade a Banana Farm as early into each game as possible. The current game version on 23 February lacks the following: when you sell Banana Farms with Monkey Bank or Banana Investments Advisory, only values of the towers themselves are sold, while the money inside them is not withdrawn and simply disappears with the towers.

The following table shows how much money the Monkey Bank and the Banana Investments Advisory generate before the maximum is reached:. The Banana Farm has two forms in Monkey City. Initially, it is only available as a city building. It occupies a 2x2 space and provides City Cash over time, requiring one hour to fill to its capacity in Levels 1 and 2, or more if Level 3 or greater. In order to use banana farms in-game, the player must first build the Micro Agriculture Development Building or rather the Banana Farm Lab on Mobileavailable at level Then, the number of farms is dependent on the amount of city farms that one has upgrading them to level 2 will have no effect on the in-game farms.

On mobile, they act like their normal BTD5 counterparts. As with most towers in Monkey City, the cost of building on non- hardcore difficulty is the same as medium difficulty in BTD5. Note: Dart Training Facility Level 3 might help a lot.


Buy banana farms as early as you can. Using a Village may help to lower prices. This "pays" itself on a single round. This means the difference between buy and sell prices is evened in one round. Keep buying more farms while also strengthening your defenses. A Banana Farm is self-sustaining that is, after the initial purchase it will provide enough money to pay for its own upgrades on the following schedule assuming that the Banana Farm is originally purchased at Round 0, and not accounting for Valuable Bananas :.

Interestingly, the marginal increase in difficulty is greater in the escalation from Easy to Medium than it is from Medium to Hard. However, if a player has the total cost of the Banana Farm available up-front, as depicted in the table below, a player can recoup the expense of a fully-upgraded banana farm as shown:.

With the Valuable Bananas upgrade, the recoupment schedule for a fully-upgraded Banana Research Facility is as follows:. Buy this as soon as you can. Upgrade them both to banana plantation, then keep making them until you have Keep buying until you have Works best on clock and bloontonium lab.

btd6 insta monkey farm

Then do the same with another farm. In BTD5 for PC, the amount of bananas given by a farm is determined at the very beginning of a round. With a few tokens invested in Sell Price in the Monkey Lab to reduce money losses due to selling, selling and rebuying Banana Factories every single round to get 7 additional crates per farm becomes a viable strategy to further increase your income, even on Impoppable.

In Bloons TD 5 Mobilethe upgrades are the exact same as in the online version of Bloons TD 5but each upgrade gives half the bananas they normally give with double income for each banana or crate from Banana Research Facility.As the final upgrade of Path 3 Banana Farm, Monkey Wall Street retains all of its income methods and benefits from the previous upgrade, including the increase to Path 3 Buccaneers.

This means that Monkey Wall Street provides the single greatest source of income without any form of player input, trailed behind by the Trade Empire at maximum capacity when compared on a single tower basis.

Just like its preceding upgrade, the optimal crosspath varies depending on whether Monkey Knowledge is enabled or not. It is worth noting that the end-of-round-income is not affected by crosspathing. What makes the Monkey Wall Street stand out is its extreme space-versus-income ratio, because for just one Monkey Wall Street break even within Compared to a Banana Farm, which pays off within Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey. Categories :. Cancel Save. Dart Monkey. Path 1. Boomerang Monkey. Bomb Shooter. Tack Shooter. Ice Monkey. Glue Gunner. Sniper Monkey.

Monkey Sub. Monkey Buccaneer. Monkey Ace.

btd6 insta monkey farm

Heli Pilot. Mortar Monkey. Wizard Monkey. Super Monkey. Ninja Monkey.

I Bought the Mega Monkey Compendium Pack - What Did I Get? - Bloons TD 6

Banana Farm.Bloons TD 6 is a new game. Insta-monkeys are a one-time use item that appear in the powers menu. They can come in all different varieties. For example, in my screenshot above, I have one druid, one druid, and two druids. However, another free way to get insta-monkeys is to beat round on any map on any difficulty.

Insta-monkeys received from beating round,etc will be at least tier 3, meaning that at least one of the paths will be upgraded to 3rd tier.

A good way to get round insta-monkeys is by taking a daily challenge to roundif it requires you, say, to go to round All powers also have this same problem where if you place them, quit or game crash before the next round when auto-save occurs, the insta-monkey disappears and is no longer in your inventory. According to Ninja Kiwi, this is intended behavior.

However, the super monkey does not sacrifice towers upon placement. Ninja Kiwi confirmed that this was intended behavior, so in theory, you could place lots of Sun Temples right next to each other, assuming that you have enough of those insta-monkeys. Farm enough insta-monkeys, and your collection can be shown off to friends. The collection is located on the main screen, in the powers tab. I got many, many 3rd and 4th tier instas.

A patched way to get to round was by playing deflation mode on the map Logs. This would be a good way to get to round without having to do any work. Another patched way to get to farm insta-monkeys was due to exploiting the way insta-monkeys are awarded. They were awarded when round was beaten. Apopalypse mode is a mode where bloons from the next round are sent immediately after the bloons from the previous round are sent.

There are many problems with Apopalypse mode, such as the game not telling you that you beat round 60 which is the required round to reach due to the bloons from rounds 61 spawning early, and most likely, your other towers would have beaten the bloons round 61 before popping the BFB, so the round number would change to 62 once the BFB was popped.

This means that if you pop all of the bloons on round 2 before popping the round 1 bloons which could be done with a few snipers set to lastthen home screen and return to the game, your money and towers would be updated, but the round number would not. However, if you pop all of the bloons on round 1 before popping them on round 2, your round would increase to 2 the next time you load the game.

This was what I came up with:. Since apopalypse is randomly generated, this strategy might be difficult to replicate, but it is doable, depending on what bloons spawn. After returning to the home screen, I would just continue apopalypse from round 98, rinse and repeat, and get an insta-monkey around every seconds.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Additionally, you can get free insta-monkeys from completing the achievements. Reddit Post of Temple Not Sacrificing Towers Farm enough insta-monkeys, and your collection can be shown off to friends.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.It replaces the IMF Loan ability with a new ability. The cooldown for the ability is now 60 seconds instead of 90 seconds with no penalty besides the fact that the ability can only be used two times per round, unless sold and rebought. Monkey-Nomics also has two or maybe three at the back entrances besides the one at the front, which is the only one or maybe two at the back who has stairs and yellow stripe shaders above the three or four entrances.

The eight orange windows now are four bigger yellow ones. The banana sign is remade to be a rectangle now and not just a picture of a banana. The roof also has nine or 12 windows, three one each side and a yellow stripe flag on top. Monkey-Nomics now has a limit of two uses per round, to prevent infinite stalling income.

Monkey-Nomics ability along with other income-based abilities now undergo the full initial cooldown before initial ability usage. Bugfix of above bug. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey. Categories :. Cancel Save. Dart Monkey. Path 1. Boomerang Monkey. Bomb Shooter. Tack Shooter. Ice Monkey.The defense is a big part of this with 35 sacks and 10 interceptions while allowing 14.

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btd6 insta monkey farm

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